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Not Cinderella's Type

COZYFLIX ORIGINAL: Indy lives with her aunt and uncle and believes her life is fine until an accident brings a new guy into the picture.
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An Hour Behind

When Trish Harper is late for a blind date due to Daylight Savings time, she mistakenly meets Parker, a thoughtful paramedic.
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Ruling of the Heart

A strict judge learns about the proper balance between justice & mercy when he gets stuck in a cafe with 2 people he's ruled against.
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Hello, I Love You

Emma, a beautiful veterinary student agrees to go on some dates with Andy to see if they'll fall in love but discovers it's all a reality TV show.
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A newly divorced woman seeking a fresh start in a small town falls for a handsome local with a "player" reputation.
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A college woman born with one arm paralyzed aspires to become a pianist, despite opposition from her overprotective mother and fellow students. To develop her musical talent and find her inner stre...
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Rising Above

When Ashley falls victim to high school bullying, she
must trust those closest to her to find the strength
to overcome it.
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Lake Effects

Three women return home to help settle their family's estate.
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The Beautiful Beast

Isabelle, a beauty on the outside only, becomes lost in the wilderness and stumbles upon Jeremy, a man hiding from the world and his past.
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The Park Bench

When Emily is assigned to tutor Mateo they do not get along; but when the discussion turns from classics to confessions they learn something that changes their lives forever.
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Romeo & Juliet

Romeo, a hopeless romantic with emotionally-fueled impulsiveness, meets Juliet, an abused and desperate girl looking for anyway to escape.
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